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Pronouns he/him

Husband, and father of a 4 yo.

Work mostly on the hardware side of #HPC at a University data-center in the US

Dabble in #python and a fan of many #FOSS projects.

Other interests include:


Currently investigating my ND traits that I have been consciously/subconsciously masking most of my life.
ND account
(maybe) #ActuallyAutistic #ADHD #AuDHD

Joined on Nov, 2022. 634 posts. Followed by 66. Following 198.

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Shakespeare exclusively used dodo feathers for his quills, inspiring meny others to do the same.

The trend became so popular that it is believable to be the primary reason for the birds extinction.


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Eric . @eric,

New router plane kit came in the mail today! Hopping to get time this weekend to put it together. 🤞

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Rupert suffering some indignity to help bring some holiday cheer! 🐶🎄

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To all the US folks experiencing the arctic front. Stay warm, and stay safe!
Make sure to check in on loved ones too!
-4 F (-20C)

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Me, waiting for the John Mastodon meme to run it's course.

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Eric . @eric,

Did you hear? A hardware brand popular with makers, and popular as a hardware platform to run self-hosted fediverse servers on, hired an ex surveillance cop.

Who would have thought that the maker community and the fedi community, both of which have a large population of people who are notoriously anti-surveillance, would have an issue with this?

I'm sure whoever they have running their mastodon account is handling any negative push-back with grace and professionalism. 🙄

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Eric . @eric,

Came across @CrimethInc over the weekend and have been having a bit of fun looking through their archive of posters.

* Gender Subversion Kit:
* Hands Off:
* Immunity For All:
* Waning: COVID-19 Profiteers:

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Eric . @eric,

One of two coptic style journal/guestbooks complete for the upcoming holiday season.
Covers and sections complete, punched, and ready and for sewing on the 2nd journal.

First books I've done in this style. They are a bit larger. (12in. x 9in.) Probably should have done a smaller one first to get a better feel for it.

Stitching feels a bit loose on the first. If I can get the 2nd one a little tighter, I might go back and re-stitch the first.

#BookBinding #HandMade

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