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Husband, and father of a 3.5 yo.

Work mostly on the hardware side of #HPC at a University datacenter in the US

Dabble in #python and a fan of many #FOSS projects.

Other interests include:



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Eric . @eric,

New router plane kit came in the mail today! Hopping to get time this weekend to put it together. 🤞

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Eric . @eric,

Rupert suffering some indignity to help bring some holiday cheer! 🐶🎄

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Eric . @eric,

To all the US folks experiencing the arctic front. Stay warm, and stay safe!
Make sure to check in on loved ones too!
-4 F (-20C)

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Eric . @eric,

Me, waiting for the John Mastodon meme to run it's course.

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Eric . @eric,

Did you hear? A hardware brand popular with makers, and popular as a hardware platform to run self-hosted fediverse servers on, hired an ex surveillance cop.

Who would have thought that the maker community and the fedi community, both of which have a large population of people who are notoriously anti-surveillance, would have an issue with this?

I'm sure whoever they have running their mastodon account is handling any negative push-back with grace and professionalism. 🙄

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Eric . @eric,

Came across @CrimethInc over the weekend and have been having a bit of fun looking through their archive of posters.

* Gender Subversion Kit:
* Hands Off:
* Immunity For All:
* Waning: COVID-19 Profiteers:

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Eric . @eric,

One of two coptic style journal/guestbooks complete for the upcoming holiday season.
Covers and sections complete, punched, and ready and for sewing on the 2nd journal.

First books I've done in this style. They are a bit larger. (12in. x 9in.) Probably should have done a smaller one first to get a better feel for it.

Stitching feels a bit loose on the first. If I can get the 2nd one a little tighter, I might go back and re-stitch the first.

#BookBinding #HandMade

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